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The rear window gun rack was once a necessity in any pickup owned by a hunter or gun enthusiast.

The rear window gun rack was once a necessity in any pickup owned by a hunter or gun enthusiast. Everyone wanted their weapons out of the way, but easy to access when they made it to their destination. This has become a less common sight today as a gun run displayed so boldly is often a welcome sign to would-be thieves. Its angle in the vehicle also makes it impossible for the gun to be retrieved without getting out of the vehicle and the gun can become an injury risk if it flies out of the rack during an accident.

Finding a suitable AR-10 truck mount has been a challenge, particularly if you do not want to have it packed up and stored in the back of the truck with the rest of the gear. If you are like everyone else, when you are out hunting, you need your rifle to be close at hand. You also need it to be secure so it is not a firing hazard or at risk of getting damaged.


It is possible to have a secure way for mounting your AR-10 in your truck that will keep it at your side where you want it. It was the reason the console mount was finally developed. Finally, someone took the favorite storage space of most AR-10 owners (the console) and turned it into a genuine safe storage option.

Not only will this truck mount solution prevent your rifle from getting thrashed around the vehicle while you are on a rutted road, the discrete defense solutions AR10 mount is a sensible way to stay protected, without advertising to every vehicle you pass by that you are armed.

This mount is a great option for anyone who is patrolling their land, hunting or involved in law enforcement. It is also a safe and convenient method for transporting unloaded firearms safely from one location to another. Keep your gun free of scratches and avoid any damage to your scope or other optics.

The mount is smooth and quick, making it simple and fast to remove or replace your rifle every time. It installs easily into any modern truck or SUV without the need for any tools. It can be used on the passenger or driver side of the vehicle, is made to be exceptionally durable and can be easily removed when not in use. Find out more before you risk any additional damage on your AR-10 today.

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